Monday, June 19, 2006

Fathers Day Gar Fishing Trip

Selling Cars and Catching Gars!
Ask For Donnie Hinkle "West Point Lake Gar Grabber"

I went Gar Fishing On Fathers day with my two kids Neil And Shelley. With all of our busy schedules it's tough to get on the lake together but I'm glad we were able to fish together on fathers day. Neil and Shelley haven't ever gar fished before so I knew they were in for a real treat. Shelley started out the day with a nice 38" longnose, her first ever. I handled the first Gar to show them how it's done. After that they were on their own and they done a great job teaming on a release together without my help. Then Neil caught one. It wasn't as big as Shelley's but still a nice catch for his first. Now it was time for dad to get a little action. We had a tough time getting the big ones to bite but I did manage to catch a decent size Gar after all. When all was said and done we caught 4 Gar total and I had a great day out on the lake with Neil and Shelley.

The first picture is not a Wooly Mammoth holding a Gar. Although they are both prehistoric animals only the Gar is the prehistoric beast in this picture. The other is just Neil, my son. He just needs a hair cut about as bad as I did when I was his age. I have to look at my high school senior picture to put things in perspective when I look at this picture. Well Neil, I had to cut mine and you're hair cut is coming soon.

Love, Dad.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

A Much Needed Week Off!!!

Selling Cars and Catching Gars!
Ask For Donnie Hinkle "West Point Lake Gar Grabber"

I took a week off from the grind and went camping on West Point Lake last week. It was nice to get away for a while to relax and soak up some nature. The only bad thing about camping on West Point is that all of the camp sites with water and electricity hookups are on the south end of the lake and the Gar are on the north end. About a 10-15 mile ride by water to get to them. I started out fishing for Hybird Bass but it just didn't do anything for me. I guess when you're use to catching big Gar like I've been catching this year no other fish seems to match up.
So away I went burning up expensive gas and heading for the Longnose.

After arriving at the first spot I immediately landed a very nice Longnose. I didn't measure the fish but I took it to Highland Marina to have it weighed. It was 15lbs-3oz. The people who worked at the marina were amazed at the sight of a big gar. They never see anyone bring in Gar so it created a little excitement for them to witness such a fish.

The next day Timmy, my stepson, and his friend Joey Grizzard went Gar fishing with me. Timmy wanted to introduce Joey to Gar Fishing. After trying my main honey hole where I caught the big one on Thursday with no results, we took a ride to another productive spot. I usually catch smaller Gar there but this time was different. After catching a couple of 6-10 pounders I snagged another great big Longnose. It had a real heavy beak and must have weighed about 16-17lbs and measured 55 inches long. Of course I left my at my camera at the campsite. Joey was so amazed at the sight of such a big Longnose Gar that he dreamed about big Longnose Gar all night, woke up watching fishing shows the next morning only to be disappointed at seeing fish get caught that didn't match up with what he had witnessed the day before with me and Timmy.

Well, the vacation is over now but after one day back at work I got my normal Tuesday off. With Tropical Storm Alberto arriving in Northern Florida and heading across South Georgia it was a cloudy windy day. Not normally a good day for Gar with hardly no sun. But, it didn't seem to matter to the Gar because I caught Nine Longnose with one monster Gar reaching 60 inches long and must have weighed 18lbs. Another great day of Gar fishing in the books!

Pictures below are Alan Bruce, service manager at Mike Patton with his first Gar and the Monster I caught today that was 60 inches long.