Sunday, July 27, 2008

Debbie Catches Our All Time Record Longnose Gar!

Overall, we had a very slow day of Gar Fishing West Point Lake but that didn't stop my wife Debbie from putting one on the West Point Lake Gar Grabber's Record book for all time biggest Gar caught from my boat ever!

There just wasn't a lot of Gar activity today and the boat traffic was very heavy but only a light wind blowing to help cool us off. Suddenly while blind casting a shallow point Debbie say, "I got one!" I asked her if it felt big while she was letting free spool and she said "no, I don't think so", so I said well, "Lock it down and let's see." Then all of a sudden Debbie's reel let out a whine while she held on for dear life as the big Gar stripped what seemed like miles of line out of her reel. I went to the back of the boat with her to tighten her drag a bit while she held on tight. I knew then that this was a beast of a Gar but we still couldn't see it yet. Every time she would gain an advantage on the Gar it would start stripping more line and Debbie was getting stressed a little from trying to hold it back. Exercise class was now coming in hand as she continued to fight this big brute of a Gar. Finally it settled down enough to get it close to the boat and as I reached for my gloves the big ole Gar made another tear and bent Debbie's Rod doubled again. I told here it isn't through quite yet and she needed to let it run a few more times before we attempted a landing. Finally the Gar settle down enough that I made a grab for it and as I pulled it from the water I was amazed at the girth and length of Debbie's catch, and I knew then that it was one of the biggest of the year.

After measuring the Gar it was time to weigh this big girl. I made several attempts to get a weight but either the nylon on in beak wasn't strong enough to hold it's weight or my glove would get stuck in it's teeth and I'd have to lay it down and start over again. Finally I weighed it while Debbie read the scales and it proved to be the biggest Gar we have ever caught on West Point Lake. It weighed 23lbs-6ozs and measured 53-1/2 inches long!

After a few pictures we said goodbye to the big Gar and Debbie and I both flopped down into our seats and grabbed a cold drink and talked about the biggest of all time caught by my Debbie who now holds the all time biggest Gar record to be one day beaten; by me I hope!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Gar Fishing A Little Tough Right Now

Gar Fishing is a little tough right now folks. I went out last week when a cold front was passing through and only caught one Gar that had a deformed beak. I kind of reminded me of Bill Engvall's joke about the Dork Fish that was caught with a corndog. I had my lure topped off in red so maybe it thought my rope lure was a corndog with ketchup on it or something.

Then today I went out for the first time since last Tuesday and snag two nice Gar that didn't get tangled good enough to land but did manage to catch this nice Longnose that went 47 Inches and 13lbs-3ozs. I pretty confident that if I could have stayed on the water I would have caught a few more but Mother Nature took over my fishing day with a big storm that ran me off the lake. I don't like lightning!