Thursday, July 12, 2007

Patrick Scores Big On Guide Trip!!!

Selling Cars and Catching Gars!
Ask For Donnie Hinkle "West Point Lake Gar Grabber"

Patrick decided that he wanted to know the secret to catching big Longnose Gar on West Point Lake so he contacted West Point Lake Gar Grabbers for an adventure of fishing for this action packed prehistoric dinosaur of a fish. Exciting Gar Fishing action is exactly what he got too. It turned out to be a really great day!

I, Donnie Hinkle, along with Patrick began our adventure with a brief seminar on the rope lure I use and how I rig it and how to fish it. Patrick was very interested in knowing everything he could possibly learn about Longnose Gar and how to catch them so we talked in length about what I knew about there habits, habitats and how to spot them. He commented on how he has probably fished all around them without ever knowing they were there, and he is right. Gar are very stealthy creatures and if you don't have a trained eye for them you'll never know they're there.

My first goal with Patrick was to help him get his first Gar of the day into the boat so I took him to where I had recently learned was a very hot spot. That was where Patrick landed his first Longnose Gar that he's ever caught that was not by accident and his first Longnose Gar that he's ever caught without using hooks! It was a nice Longnose that tipped the scales at around 12 pounds! Patrick was off to a great start and was catching on very fast. Good fishermen usually do.

Patrick proved to be an eager and quick student as I coached him while he learned to work the rope lure with a presentation that has worked so well for me over the years.

We changed locations a few more times while Patrick tangled up with another Longnose Gar, and then another! Patrick was getting better and better at working the rope.

The sun was starting to get high in the sky and our time was nearing an end. I knew it was time to take Patrick to my favorite spot for big Longnose Gar. Just as we arrived I snagged a very nice Longnose and without actually seeing the Gar I told Patrick that this is a nice one! When I tightened up on it the rope pulled away from it's beak! Then before I could retrieve the lure from the water another Gar attacked it right at the surface while the rope was barley above the water! Wow!!! It looked as if this was going to be the spot of the day! I just wondered how big it really was? Oh well. Then It was Patrick's turn again and before I new it he had a very nice Gar on. Patrick was just standing there holding back on his rod when I realize it was still striping drag out of his reel! After he got the Gar to the boat it turned out to be the biggest of the day! This one tipped the scales at about 14 pounds and measured 47.5 inches. A very nice Gar!

When our day was over Patrick had landed 7 gar and definitely proved to be great student and fisherman. I hope Patrick had as much fun as I did with our time together on beautiful West Point Lake catching what I believe to be the most exciting fish on West Point Lake when you consider both the fight and the unpredictable release. What I mean by unpredictable is that you never know what to expect from a Gar once you have it in the boat. If you don't believe that then just ask Patrick! More than once Gar got loose in the boat as we were trying to pull the nylon from their teeth. One of them wound up in the floor of my boat right between Patrick's feet! All you have to do is relax your grip for just a moment to get some excitement started! Right Patrick!!!