Sunday, May 17, 2009

West Point Lake Gar Fishing-Jay Moore Land's His First!

Tuesday the 12th, Jay Moore and I hit the lake for a little Gar Fishing on a not so perfect day. It was cloudy and windy which are not your ideal conditions but we were determined to make a go of it. Like Jay said, "we're not working are we", and that makes a great day of well earned relaxation even if conditions aren't on our side. I knew better than to go up river due to the recent rains and heavy stain so we concentrated our efforts in the clearest water we could find for sight fishing, only the sun wouldn't participate which made sight fishing tough regardless of water clarity.
After an hour or two of trying to find our groove Jay's snagged on and the fight was on! Not what we hoped for but still a nice first-time Gar that put on a pretty decent fight. I wasn't so lucky though and only landed a small Gar that jay's could've had for lunch.

After disturbing our spot pretty well we decided to try our luck in the lake area and that was a pretty good idea even if we didn't catch a Gar. We both had several HUGE GAR follow our lures to the boat and I mean big ones! Seeing those big girls gave me great hope for a good Gar Fishing vacation coming up in the next week.