Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Patients For Big Longnose Gar!!!

Selling Cars and Catching Gars!
Ask For Donnie Hinkle "West Point Lake Gar Grabber"

I spent the day scouting for Gar since I haven't been able to go fishing for a few weeks. A guy called me who knows my brother Gary's brother-in-law Tommy called wanting to go on a guide trip. Thanks for the referral Tommy if you're reading! I told him I would go see how the bite looks today first before I commit to a trip. He's bringing his 10-year old son with him and I wanted to make sure I could put them on some good Gar. I got my answer real quick!

The Gar were ultra aggressive today so I had to get selective right away! On days like this you could easily catch twenty or twenty five Gar if you wanted to but I would spend the hole day picking, pulling, and cutting nylon instead of fishing. It was a day of watch and wait, for the big boy to show his beak for a quick cast out in front of it as the gar cruises by. Patients resulted in two very nice Longnose Gar. Both were "Georgia Fat Boys" from West Point lake too! You couldn't tell who the fat boy was, me or the Gar!!! In one picture I think the Gar won but that's just my opinion.

After catching a few very nice Gar I tested the blind cast for a while. It took only three or four cast to land another nice 12 pounder so I stopped there. I could have caught Gar all day long it seemed, but man was it ever getting hot!!!

The Gar are not in the shallows anymore but they are stacked up like wood if you know where to find them. Looks like my new clients are in for a real treat!