Saturday, July 11, 2015

Brandon Gets His Trophy Longnose Gar!

Brandon had only one thing in mind when he boarded my boat on June 9th, 2015 with his friend Justin, and that was to tangle with a Trophy Longnose Gar!

The day started out a bit slow with overcast skies which makes sight fishing virtually impossible. Not idea conditions however as the day went by the storm clouds started to gather with some sun peeking through. I seemed as if maybe the nearby storms increased the Gar activity eventually.

Brandon snagged a respectable trophy Gar that weighed approximately 16-17 pounds and probably measured about 50 inches long or so. (I left my scales and tape measure)

As one of the storms moved closer and the pressure began to drop more the Gar got activity increased enough for Brandon to land a Longnose Gar Trophy of a lifetime! This Gar measured about 52 inches and probably weighed 20 pounds. Now Brandon was elated! I don't blame him since this is the largest Gar I've had in my boat for more that 2 years and the largest fish Brandon has ever caught!

I don't want to leave out his buddy Justin who struggled through watching Brandon land several nice Gar. His persistence did pay off though with a couple of decent fish.

All in all what started out being a day I didn't feel all that great about turned into one of the best guide trips I've had in a long while!

Congratulations Brandon and don't forget to send me picks of the mount now! I really enjoyed having you guys along!

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