Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Passing Up Big Gar For Bigger Gar-What A Great Day!!

Selling Cars and Catching Gars!
Ask For Donnie Hinkle "West Point Lake Gar Grabber"

What a great day of Longnose Gar Fishing it was today! It was one of those days when you can select the Gar you want to catch while passing up those that many people would love to be catching, even I would love to be catching on certain days. I had two fish that went right a 50 inches long but I'm not sure of the weight. My scales were on the blink because there's no way that biggest fish went only 8lbs-8oz! Back to Walmart I guess.

This the the prime time for Longnose Gar Fishing when the Gar are about to go on the bed and they are swimming in tandem all over the shallows. I was practically plowing through them being selective of the ones I wanted to make a cast at. Both of my hands are cramping and tired from clutching those big beaks and trying to hold on to them as they whip like crazy right when you least expect it.

I also saw a black Gar in the same area that I saw one last year. Of course my rope was in the water and I couldn't retrieve it in time to make a cast. I never saw it again and the rascal was only about 12ft in front of my boat when it surfaced. That one would have went on the wall!