Tuesday, June 14, 2011

West Point Lake Gar Fishing-Nice Gar June 16th 2011

I left some Gar for my Thursday guide trip that I could have caught but I couldn't resist this Gar on a challenging cast. It probably went 15 pounds and 50 inches. Are you ready Sawyer?

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Sunday, June 05, 2011

West Point Lake Gar Fishing Jeff Snags His First Hookless Gar

Jeff, Justin and father Don came along on a Gar fishing expedition with me today. The action wasn't what I was hoping for but Jeff stole the show with his casting skills while landing two nice gar.

Equipped with with the experience of my Hookless Gar Fishing methods along with the confidence of knowing, Jeff and the gang will no doubt put this knowledge to good use soon and become a new Longnose Gar Fishing addict!

Longnose Gar Fishng is not easy. My guide trips are meant to be informative and well as productive. Making new friends is another a result of these guide trips and I hope to have you guys visit again soon to Gar fish with me.

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